Sunday, August 10, 2008

A bow crazed mom

I know I've posted about bows many times, but I just wanted to tell you of my most recent bow order. (I'm bow crazy, I tell ya!) I ordered 30 big boutique bows from a new designer (new to me). I got them a few weeks ago and I just love them so much! They are the right size, amount of fluffy and work perfectly with my girls favorite style...piggie-buns! Well, my favorite way to style her hair! Please check out my new friend Brandie at BrynnBella Bowtique. She has a good variety and I'm sure she'll work with you to make the perfect bows to suit your needs!

And of course, here's a pic of Lulu sporting 2 new fluffy black bows, in my latest auction!


  1. I will be at MACH on Ft. Benning even though I wish I was at the Medical Center :o) Meals are welcomed for sure. I'll let you know when the big day arrives :o)

  2. Great Bows! Besides bow crazy you've been blog crazy! Where have I been, I've missed so many posts


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