Monday, August 25, 2008

Here comes another one!

Do I dare post twice in one day? Don't get too used to that, my dear readers! LOL

What I wanted to tell you is I found another feature! My friend and family Jenne, from Mass, has graciously spread the word on her blogger about LuluBelle's Couture. She is a fellow crafter and her niche is scrapbooking! Go check out her awesome designs and my feature HERE at J. Leigh Designz. She's an active member on etsy and sells her designs on ebay as well.

Have a great's rainy here. Leftovers from hurricane Fay are still here and we are currently in a *TORNADO WATCH*! :(


  1. I just want to stop by to say "hello" from Fort Mitchell. Since we're almost neighbors. :) You are a very talented designer. I'll be visiting your shops again soon. Take care! Samantha

  2. Awww, thanks. Well, I've done more LOL! So be prepped for some more traffic! And a fancy award for your site :)

    You've been tagged! Ok, your blog was, but you were too!
    Check it out!


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