Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A facelift...without the knife

I get bored easily with certain things. I love to paint my nails and toenails all sorts of colors, I enjoy eating a variety of different foods and I really like to rearrange my furniture (although Steve doesn't)! I think my creative brain never shuts off and is always looking for something to do/change/create, etc. Tonight I decided that my blog needed a facelift...and voila! Hope you like, because I like! :)

I'm off to dreamland! Hopefully tonight won't be a repeat of last night and I dream about making ZUMA PANTS all night long!! And that's a little hint at what's to come next for LuluBelle's Couture! :)


  1. Love, love, love the new look! I visit your blog all the time!

  2. I love the new look too! It was hard to read with the black line before! Love it! Cute toes too!


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