Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Scorpian...and not the band of the 80's

I'm officially freaked out. {insert goosebumps here} I literally fear the day I innocently stroll across the floor to only find a shooting pain in my foot that feels worse than a wasp sting! If you are asking yourself "what is she talking about?!", let me fill you in. In the county that we're in, we have scorpians. There are certain times of the year that they want to come in the house. They are small, and I'm not sure where they come in from, but the Terminator, uh...exterminator, says there isn't anything you can do about them. So, that's where my fear comes in. Also, having these gross little things says absolutely nothing about the way in which you keep your house. I personally live in a very clean house (after watching that show on BBC "How Clean Is Your House", I would dare to say...I live in an immaculately clean house!) But...these little pests still find their way in. It seems like over the past few weeks they are really interested in getting in, so we've found several of the little creepy things. I guess you might not be able to prevent them from coming in, but once their in, we almost (note, I said ALMOST) always find them belly up. This is probably from the spray that the Terminator sprays each month for other Southern pests... This morning I found one by a floorboard and immediately ran, carefully watching where I put my feet, to the misc. items drawer (aka junk drawer), grabbed the old pair of needlenose pliers. I then proceeded back to the scene of the crime and grabbed that little guy to find that he was....phew!....a dead one. So, I set him up for a modeling shoot....I mean photo to show all of you! I took a shot on the tile floor, where I relocated him closer to the toilet, where he'd be swimming with the fishes in mere minutes. Then I snapped another shot before he got his never-ending swirly whirly. This is merely one of the many buggy blessings we get to witness while living in the country...yesterday I shot and killed a giant black widow outside the house....with hornet and wasp spray. As gross as some of it is, I really love seeing the array of creatures that live in the South that we weren't familiar with living up North. Now, I can do without the snakes...especially those rattlers, but they gotta live somewhere! But...they need to be warned...if they bite my poor unsuspecting doggy again, I'll have to go join the NRA and get me a rifle!


  1. You have lived down here for more that two years and you are not a card carring member of the NRA?!?! How have we managed to let you slip by all this time. I am so calling the area chapter and having one of the head recruiter give you a personal visit.
    Just kidding, now all of your family members really will think that we are nuts down here, your welcome!
    Oh and I am with you on the war path, I killed two spiders with their egg sacks yesterday, yuck!

  2. Adee you crack me up! Don't you need a gun to be a part of the NRA??? LMBO!

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  4. Welcome to the South..I refer to it as H*LL! The spiders are as big as desert plates, roaches so big they would be a meal for a family in a foreign country, ant mounds the size of small cities!

    We had a Pygmy Rattlesnake in our driveway yesterday...you have them too. Make sure the kids where shoes when playing on the grass.

  5. We've got a gun you can borrow! Then you should be able to get in "the club" without a problem.

  6. I got the heebie-jeebies just reading this post. My biggest fear is that they make their way into one of my children's beds at night and I am totally unaware.


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