Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monte Cristos and Death

My boys have asked for Monte Cristo sandwiches for weeks. We usually go to Cheddar's when we get out to eat because it is much less expensive and YUMMY! The last time we went, both boys split a Monte Cristo meal, as well as Syd and I. It works out better sine they get more food and more options. The kids meal menu starts to get a little boring after so long. I bring a sippy cup for Syd from home and the boys each get a drink. Anywho... Stephen LOVES the Monte Cristo and I decided it was time to make it for them.

If you know me at all, you know that despite my Southern address, I have no affection for frying food. I might add, this is the first thing I have fried in my new house! (We've been here for 6 months!) I hate the odor, the chance of getting burned and the fat content of it all. We're probably being robbed of many culinary delights, but we wouldn't know otherwise. I'll continue to bake my french fries and let Publix make our not-so-often dinner of fried chicken. :)

Monte Cristo Batter Recipe:

In small bowl, beat together:
1 egg
2/3 cup water

In larger bowl, combine:
2/3 cup flour
1 3/4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Beat together until smooth, but don't overmix. Coat in your sandwich of choice - that has been cut into triangles and fry (your method of choice). Top with powdered sugar and serve with jelly. (no sugar here!)

So, while enjoying our sandwiches and jabbering on about the difference between mommy's monte cristos and Cheddar's monte cristos, this is where the conversation goes:

Stephen: Mommy, what would happen if daddy died?
Me: Wow, that's a terrible thing to think about. Why?
Stephen: Well, what would we do?
Bradley: Grandpa would be our dad! (I assume he means he would take over the "father-figure")
Stephen: I know, but what would we do?
Bradley: Grandpa would give us money to live!
Me: (tring not to LOL) Well, we just need to always pray for safety and that we don't get any sickness so nobody dies around here! And no, grandpa wouldn't be giving us his money, I would get a job.
Stephen: Really though, what would we do?
Me: Well, there is this thing called Life Insurance. It would cover the expenses for so long, then mommy would have to get a job. Probably sell the house...
Bradley: NO! I know, you could have a lemonade stand and set it up at the side of the road!!!
Stephen: Where would we get the lemonade, Brad-lee?! (this is his "know-it-all" voice)
Bradley: (points to the crystal light in the pitcher on the island) Mommy would make it!
Stephen: No, mommy, you would just make tons and tons of things and just sell them all.
Me: I think I'd have to get a real job.
Stephen: Mommy, can I have more jelly?
Bradley: Is there any more sandwiches?

Before our morbid discusion, I managed to take a few pics of the kiddos enjoying their yummy lunch.

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  1. This is SO funny that you made these sandwiches, I was just telling someone about them recently... thanks for the inside info of the recipe!
    And I laughed out loud with your story of your dinner conversation! Totally love that! Where was Steve?!?! Definitely a keeper to journal/blog... only out of the mouth of babes! I love kids!


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