Monday, May 10, 2010

Hope for God's Children - Benefit for Elizabeth Pitts

Starting on June 3rd, LuluBelle's Couture has the opportunity to give back!  I have paired up with a non-profit organization, Hope for God's Children, that raises money for families that are dealing with a child that is battling for their life.  These families have a lot on their plate.  As a mom, I could not possibly fathom the pain that is felt, and having an uncertainty in the health and life of your child.  While we can commit to praying for these families, I whole-heartedly believe that God is listening, there is something else that we can do too!  This is where LuluBelle's Couture comes into play.  From June 3-June 17th all the proceeds raised through this launch, will go to one very deserving family.  Stay tuned to see the amazing Custom Boutique Fashion and Home Designs, Business Products, Art and Accessories are lovingly created by HGC's members.

Now, meet the little sweetheard that we're doing this for...  Elizabeth Pitts.  Elizabeth and her family live in Valdosta, GA.  Here she is pictured with her little sister Madeline.  You can get more information Elizabeth and read her daily journal here:

I pray that this launch will be a huge success and we can relieve a major finantial burden from the Pitts family.  Please commit to praying with me for little Elizabeth to be heales and for the donations to pour in!

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