Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lulu's New Do

Lulu got her first haircut! We went on Thursday and I must say, she really needed a trim! She got several inches cut off. Tanya (my hairdresser) kept commenting on how well she sat there to get her hair done for the first time! I told her I've trained her well! With all the hair she was born with, and the length it has grown in just 2 short years, let's just say she has had every hair-do a little girl could possible have! :) She has more patience sometimes than I give her credit for. And even though she has days where it's a fight to get just a simple ponytail in, most days are not like that. She has sat through countless times of sponge rollers and has already heard me say on numerous occasions "it hurts to be beautiful!" ...something my mom used to tell me when she would do my hair! I'm so very thankful for my little girl, and also thankful that she didn't come out bald! LOL Here's a few photos to share. I hope to get a better "after" photo soon! There's always going to be clothing to model, so I'm sure you'll see one sooner than later!

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  1. Hi Heather, She was adorable before & after :)


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