Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Time Fun

Last week my in-laws decided to take my boys on a super-duper-summer-spectacular! Well, they were only 1.5 hours away in Atlanta, but they really had a blast. They went to the Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags Over Georgia and a Braves Game. They also got to hang out with their Uncle Brian (whom they ADORE), Auntie Leah and Titi; and went out to eat to many of their favorite places! (like StevieB's!) After the baseball game is over, the kids get to go run the bases. Here they are rounding 2nd at Turner Field!

This is Stephen!

And here is Bradley!

And I have to add, that Ms. Sydney enjoyed her mommy and daddy all to herself while those boys were gone. But she asked about them all the time. She would throw her hands up and say "Where's Badee?" :) But...this photo pretty much sums up her time...One word: BACKYARDIGANS! (Her absolute FAVE!)

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    welcome to the world of blogging!! it's looks great so far!!


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