Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back To School and Catch Ups

It seems like just yesterday Stephen was singing "Schools Out For Summer!" (courtesy of Guitar Hero) But, today was back to school day for us! Stephen started 2nd grade and Bradley started Kindergarten. This is Bradley's first day of school ever! We met their teachers Monday and visited their classes. Stephen was praying for his buddy Mark, our neighbor (through acres of woods), would be in the same class and proving that God really answers our prayers, he is! :) Bradley's teacher was SO nice, she had a lot to say and I think she was kindof surprised that he hadn't attended preschool. It seems like you stick out like a sore thumb if you hadn't gone to K3 or K4. I have my thoughts on that...this for another time...but I'm a stay at home mom, so there was no need for him to go anywhere!

Sending them off this morning wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. All summer I had time to prepare for this day. Bradley and Sydney share a special bond, probably because last school year he was home with her all day while Stephen was at school, and I know this year will be an adjustment for Sydney. She loves playing with her two big brothers, but we'll have plenty of time for tea parties, Backyardigans and playing together this school year. Maybe I'll teach her how to sew....JUST KIDDING! :) Here are some pics from this morning....

This past week we brought them all to go bowling. I hadn't been bowling since I was pregnant for Bradley I don't think! The boys had never been, so it was tons of fun for all of us. Sydney was such a good girl too! She didn't bowl, but she sat very good through the first game, but the second game she realized she could get up off her chair and run around. Thankfully it wasn't crowded (until we left) and she did great for it being lunchtime. I must admit that after I got a little warmed up, and resigned to the fact that bowling destroys your nails, I spanked the boys! :) Can you say TURKEY??? I did! :) And Bradley wanted to take home his bowling shoes...he liked them!

Sydney sitting and watching
Daddy has great form

Mommy bowls lots of strikesStephen loves bumper bowling! :P
Bradley, that ball looks heavy!

Here are some other pics that I haven't posted, but thought I would share while I was on here!

Bradley even enjoys the princess couch! Sydney's reading while waiting for dinner one night.


  1. My kids LOVE bowling, I'm glad yours got to enjoy it! There is NO way my girls would've just say there like Sydney, NEVER... but she was adorable sitting there :) I still can't believe your kids started school today. I'll be praying for them and you! Enjoy your time with just you & your little girl! I'll talk to you soon! Thanks for prayin!

  2. Gosh, could your family be an more adorable! Only 1 baby left at must be getting sad


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