Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My first ever tomato

I have NEVER, on my own, grown anything that hasn't died QUICKLY right afterwards. I am a self-proclaimed black-thumb. I strive to be a good gardener, I just have no clue about anything. When our house is finished being built, and I have the time to plant a garden, my first priority is veggies! I want to grow fresh organic vegetables to feed my family...and maybe so many I could share with the neighbors! I'd love to learn how to can for the winter and get into all of it! I have a wonderful friend, Shelley, who I keep picking her brain and she knows EVERYTHING! ;) Yes, Shelley...you do!

Anyway, I wanted to show you the surprise I had waiting for me today. It took THREE MONTHS, planted from seeds, but finally the cherry tomatoes that I planted have started to bloom....and one little guy decided it was time to be a tomato and not a flower anymore! Yes, Shelley taught me that tomatoes are first flowers! (I'm so dense, I tell ya!) Here is my pride and joy...and hopefully I can show you more pics soon with lots of red ones! This little guy is so small and cute! :)
edited to add: I was showing Steve and I found 2 more little guys! uh, I mean tomatoes! :)


  1. I understand your excitement. I remember my first tomato plant. The trick was getting to them before the bunnies and squirrels.

  2. I was just rereading your post, and you have grown in your belly three beautiful children!!!!!! And they're surviving just fine! You're such a great mom of them and I'm sure your tomato plant will do just fine!


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