Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Andalucia and my broken machine

Boo Hoo. Yes, that's me fake crying. My sewing machine kicked the bucket last night. This is very upsetting considering I'm less than a week away from the big launch! (see ad above) I've been so excited about this launch and things have been coming together just fine! Of course though, just as we're trying to finish up the new house and I sneak in some sewing time, THIS happens! I have been so good and hadn't taken any orders or done much sewing at all...which has been EXTREMELY hard (and hard on my creative mind)... but has allowed me to devote my time to researching, shopping (at the Home Depot, don't be misled!), buying, installing, being "boss lady", taking pics, breaking my back...and nails, painting, buying, running around this town more than I know, NEGOTIATING and more work. Of course this all pales to what my husband has done in this house building effort! He's the mastermind and everything you can imagine has gone through his hands and mind first. He's quite the builder, who knew?! LOL However, this isn't the work he was cut out for, I think he makes a much better boss! But his perfectionist skills has made this house so much better than I could ever imagine!

ANYWAY....I gotta find a machine to use, and get my creative juices flowing in overtime since my to-do list keeps growing and the last time I checked, there are still only 24 hours in a day. And I am NOT a morning person! LOL week search ANDALUCIA on ebay to find TONS of goods made from Patty Young's beautiful Andalucia fabrics.

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  1. Take a deep breath! Look at it this way - now you get a NEW machine!


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