Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Craft Room Space

Over the last couple nights I have began setting up my craft room. I wanted to share some pics of what I have done so far. I don't see this as the completely final stage, I would like to get some matching furniture...but I know that all takes time and money. Right now, this is perfect for me. Even though I have to share this space with the washer and dryer, I'm okay with that. Although I can't have them running while I'm trying to work in here, catching up on the old seasons of "Ugly Betty"! :) Take a look, tell me whatcha think and for those of you crafters/designers, share some ideas for functioning organization.
If your computer or my photos don't have the right contrast, I know some of you will ask... The walls are yes, lime green. :) They aren't offensive, but let me tell you, from the street at night, looking in, they are BRIGHT! Good thing the wood blinds are coming this week! I hate the thought of "people" watching me! LOL I'd like to get some good zebra stripes going in there too. Maybe I can slipcover or make new pads for my rolling chair. (That's an ugly garage sale find). My theme.....bright, bold and inspirational. Some designers like serene and light and airy, I on the other hand am inspired by color. Here ya go...

(sorry this one is blurry)


  1. Nice. My walls are bright purple LOL! I figured the only room with all boys I could have be girlied out! Looks great! You must be so happy to be in!!!

  2. It looks awesome Heather I am so happy for you. Have fun getting settled in.

  3. Extremly cute Heather! The zebra would be perfect in there. Congrats on the move in

  4. Hi Heather, It's been a while!

    I just ran across your blog... small world!

  5. hi - I saw your review of the Euro-Pro 9110 on the Target web site and wanted to give you the Euro-Pro phone #; I have read other reviews (good) where people have said that Euro-Pro sends them free parts for their machines. It's 1-800-361-4639. All the reps I've talked to are wonderful.
    Thanks for making your site so easy to find, and I have to tell you that I really like it!
    I am also <>< and also love to sew. I replaced my Singer 9900 that I had had for at least 15 years about 1 1/2 years ago (after 3 different techs told me the board was out; the man who bought it repairs machines and told me it wasn't the board, just a plastic piece in the bottom had broken! I had only paid one tech to look at it. I shouldn't have told him what the others said was wrong.) Anyway, I replaced it after much searching with a used Elna 7000. I love it. It does almost everything I want, but the Euro-Pro 9110 has the other stitches I still want - - the roses and the vines. I'm debating buying a Euro-Pro to get the rest of the stitches I want.
    Right now I'm mostly making 1 yard quilts, but would love to start making clothes for our great-nieces. (No grandchildren yet.) With the Euro-Pro's flowers, they could be so cute!

    Your sewing /craft room looks great to me. I have my stuff set up in a corner of the kitchen where my husband set up everything for me, with overhead cabinets that are mostly stuffed with fabric. (Did you know it's hereditary to collect fabric? My paternal grandmother had a room full of fabric when she passed on. I only wish I could have gone through it, but she was in Chicago and we're in Arizona.)


  6. Hi Heather, I was just stopping in to say Hi and see what you've been up to. And WOW you've been busy! Your craft room is such an inpiration, mine is a disaster LOL
    Hey if you ever take a trip to FL perhaps you can stop by and orgainize mine ;)
    Congrats on the new design group, that's fabulous. I'll be sure to check out the listings.


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