Friday, July 3, 2009

Chicken & Spinach salad

Today the lunch I made myself was so delicious looking that the most crazy idea popped into my mind. I needed to take a picture of it! Laugh as you will, but you know you are drooling! It sure was yummy and filling!

I used fresh organic baby spinach, a small juicy tomato grown by my neighbor (thanks Mrs. Scroggins!), half of an avocado, baby bella sliced mushrooms, 2 small chicken tenderloins - sauteed with kickin chicken seasoning in pam olive oil spray, some reduced fat crumbled feta cheese (my weakness) and some balsalmic vinegar to dress it. And on the side, 3 fresh pineapple spears. And of course, it wouldn't be my lunch without my infamous Crystal Light raspberry green iced tea.

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