Saturday, May 30, 2009

I love grocery shopping.....really!

Is it absolutely horrible that my new favortite store is Publix Supermarket? I have been dabbling lately in challenging myself to see how much I can save on groceries. Tonight I went for a "quick trip", which means I only planned the list for maybe an hour or so. The items I bought weren't necessarily being used for this weeks menu plan, but, these were items that I can stockpile and be glad I did later down the road. I mean, who needs to buy 21 packages of Crystal Light in one shopping trip?? lol Tonight my grand total was $77.51 including a $20.31 box if diapers. I saved $185.67, so if you don't count the diapers, I paid $57.20 and got $242.87 worth of groceries. HOW do you ask??? Well, it's really simple....but time consuming. I get very familiar with the weekly ad and see how I can match up buy-one-get-one-free items and sale items with coupons. If I can get my hands on a Publix store coupon, I can always stack it with a manufacturers coupon to save even more. Sounds hard and sometimes confusing, but once you get the hang of it, I tell ya, it's a piece of cake! Tonight as I was unloading the groceries with Steve, he said "You know, everyone can do this, but they don't!" And I replied with "Remember when I used to spend so much and come home with so little?" It's so cool to see that the time I put into it is worth it, and especially when it makes my husband happy!

Here is what all I got tonight for my whopping $57.20 (inc. tax!)

Chips Ahoy Cookies x3
Capri Sun x3
Kashi Cereal x5
Birds Eye Frozen Broccoli x4
Purina Beneful Dog Food x2
Blue Bell Ice Cream (no coupon, but on sale for $3.99 - that's Steve's FAVE!)
Extra Gum - not on sale
Eggo Waffles x2
Yoplait Gogurt x7
Del Monte Fruit Chillers x2
Nonni's Biscotti x2
Taco Bell Dinner Kit x2
Kraft Mac n Cheese x8
Therma Care Heat Pads x2
Coppertone Sunscreen x2
Bananas - not on sale
Crystal Light x21

LAST Saturday I hit the jackpot...I bought too many things to list, but I spent $96 and saved $233.66. My mom was here for the week and I dragged her along for the fun. (although, I'm not sure she saw that as fun! lol) As crazy as it sounds, I HAD to take a few shots of all the goods I got for the trip. I got right at $330 worth of groceries for less than $1oo!! :) That makes me very happy...and it's the new record to beat! The best part is, the store paid me money to take some of the items home!! :D Check out my loot:


  1. You are doing such a great job shopping with coupons. I love to visit others and see how successful they have been at shopping. I hope that you will stop by an visit my web page sometime. Nice to meet you.

  2. You go girl! I just might pick up a paper this week to look through the coupons, though our store doesn't have in store coupons... they do have lots of buy 1 get 1 deals. Anyway, I miss ya and hope you are doin good! It's been a long time...

  3. AnonymousJune 18, 2009

    hey Heather, my daughter in law does this also but not sure she has gotten quite the savings you have. If you have the place to stock it all, I say go for it!! Are you on facebook??


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