Friday, February 19, 2010

Flea Market & Goodwill Finds

After living in the South for almost 9 years, I finally made it to a redneck flea market!  And I had to cross the boarder into Alabama for this one.  Actually, it was not my idea of how I wanted to spend a rainy Saturday morning, but I agreed to go for my hubs, who was looking to get some clip thingys for the batting cage.  While I found two of the twenty clips he wanted (sorry honey), I scored big with a piece of furniture!  Did I mention it was only $30?!  Of course, the little guy needs a makeover, but he is the perfect size for my foyer!  I've been wanting a sofa table or something small to fill the space and put some decorations on, and this little dresser fit the bill!  Now...I have to decide which way to go as far as paint is concerned.  I had to promise Steve I wouldn't paint anything else black.  Nuts! "After" pics to follow, hopefully sooner than later.

At the Goodwill I scored great as well!!  I was able to get not only one, but two gamer chairs!  We've been talking about getting the boys some gamer chairs that they can use in the bonus room to play their video games in.  I think this was divine intervention. :)  One is larger than the other, that was only $14 and the other was only $9!  That certainly made my day.  Of course they both needed a good bath with some clorox when they got to their new home.

can you guess who claimed which chair?

Here they are in their new home...which is also home to the home gym equiptment and huge TV that takes up entirely too much space.

I also found 2 batting helmets to speak of!  One was $2.09 and the other was $1.91...these definitely need a good cleaning before my little men stick their heads in them, but I was very impressed with the price.  Especially since we now, as mentioned above, have a batting cage in the backyard.

I love bargains, don't you?


  1. What flea market did you go to? Is it the one in phenix city? I want to go!!!

  2. It was the Lee County flea market, so I think so! :)


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