Monday, February 22, 2010

Little moments...

This morning is one of those ugly-kind-of-mornings.  Not as in attitude or emotion, but weather.  Last night we had a thunder/lightning storm with some rain.  Even though the wet drops have not fallen from the sky since it was time to get up, it's still pretty glum out there.

Despite the mood or appearance of the great outdoors, my heart always swells just a little while watching my little ones play and do their work.  This morning was no exception.  I found Sydney in my craft room, exploding with laughter, playing a game she made up with her pink balloon.  I noted that although she was still in her footie pajamas, it was a Kodak Moment.

I think the boys knew there was too much fun going on behind that closed door that they wanted to get in on the action...

Then a little while later, I was once again reminded of all the special little moments they get to share as a homeschooling family.  I love my little ones so much and I count it as pure joy to be able to stay at home with them and teach them the way I believe God intended.

oops...I was spotted!

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